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In June of 1942 Bob Shepard and 67 other  medical personnel were  transfered from Fort Sam Houston to A.P. Hill, Virginia to await the additional  two hundred troops who would accompany them to North Africa.   An administrative error  sent the men to Camp Stoneman, Califorinia instead, so rather than  transport the 200 men to Virginia, Uncle Sam  moved the 68 men  at A.P. Hill to Camp Stoneman.  Thus the 1st Field Hospital began its  WWII adventure  in the Southwest Pacific theater aboard the U.S.S. Mount Vernon.
T-4 Robert U. Shepard
U.S. Army  Medical Tech
At Zamboanga
Milne Bay, New Guinea   1944
Shepard, Gallaher and Leftoris
Milne Bay, N.G.   1944
Private Shepard at Camp Barkley, TX   1942
Bob Shepard's Draft Card
A.P. Hill, Virginia   1942
Camp Stoneman, CA  1942
New Guinea
Zamboangan Penninsula
Home!         1945
Bob's war diary
Plate from a Japanese Zero
A little morale booster from home
Bamboo bracelet
Shepard's Good Conduct Ribbon
45th Infantry Division
Army 10th Corps
Army 1st Corps
Army 2nd Corps
U.S. Army Ground Forces
The 1st Field Hospital: The Experiences of  T-4 Robert U. Shepard
D.A. Chadwick with Robert U. Shepard
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